About Truly AIP

My name is Karen Hoch and I’m on a quest to make the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) lifestyle quick and easy to stick to! Why should everyone else have unlimited access to easy options, while those of us following the AIP diet have to examine every ingredient label AND spend extra time in the kitchen altering recipes to make them AIP compliant?

Karen Hoch I’ve always had an interest in eating right and living a healthy lifestyle. I followed what I believed to be a healthy diet, but that didn’t stop my psoriasis, joint pain and stiffness, and so many other random symptoms. I was sure there had to be a natural way to manage my symptoms, so I did my research and looked for answers. What I found prompted me to do my first food challenge.

I had guessed that nightshades might be a trigger food for me, so I tried eating them for three days in a row. The results were not fun. I had minor pain and stiffness in my hands the first day, which progressed and spread each day until I had a burning sensation that crept up my forearms and required ice for relief. Within a couple days of avoiding all nightshades, my symptoms mostly cleared up.

And so my journey began!

Over many months, I tried eliminating one food after another to see if I could feel even better. Then I found the autoimmune protocol. This new way of eating, and living, proved to be amazing for my health. I love to cook and bake, but every time I found some amazing AIP recipe, I was missing one of five “flours” that was absolutely necessary for getting just the right texture!

I also love coffee and chai tea! I searched for an easy replacement, but they all seemed to contain a seed or “natural” flavor which are not AIP compliant. I managed to find recipes that satisfied my need for a hot cup of something delicious, but it also meant more kitchen time and experimenting – and who wants to mess with that every time you want a tasty treat?

So I did the work for you! For years I tinkered with aromatic herbs, spices and AIP compliant flours, and I developed recipes that made me feel better and tasted great.

I hope you love my tea blends, seasonings and baking mixes! With my products, you will not need to examine every ingredient label. I promise they will save you time in your kitchen when you just want something quick, easy and delicious.